Build Smarter

With the world 's first AI-powered construction planning platform, you can optimize your construction build by running millions of simulations first.

Capture and consolidate the way you build

Capture and consolidate the way you build

Key project knowledge sits on in your teams' heads. ALICE collects this and consolidates this knowledge, alongside a BIM model, into a centralized planning system to help standardized your firms' "way to build".

This includes key information like how individual building elements are constructed:

  • Crew sizes and types
  • Equipment
  • Construction mateirals
  • Modeling
  • Production rates
  • Recipes
  • Calendars
  • And more

Explore the Possibilities

With your project knowledge centralized, ALICE can simulate your construction build millions of times in just minutes and quickly help your team explore different construction scenarios to find an optimal construction plan. This helps you to answer the tough questions very efficiently and early on in the construction process.

Manual schedule creation 4

4 weeks to create

1 option generated


By utilizing ALICE's AI assisted planning and scheduling process, ALICE can simulate your construction build millions of times to come up with a more efficient construction sequence; saving you an average of 16.2% of your project duration and 14.7% of your project labor costs.

Manage your project intelligently

ALICE automates the process of keeping your plan's scope, cost, and schedule in sync by rippling through changes across the entire project as you make them; ensuring you always have a precise measurement of the cost and time impact.

Keep the whole team in sync

ALICE automatically generates a full 4D, cost loaded schedule that you can use to visually communicate and track your project throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Resolving scheduling issues quickly

When issues come up on a project, ALICE can help your team to find an alternative schedule effortless; significantly reducing the cost and schedule impact the issue has on your project.


Out of schedule

700-900 Days

$170,000 - 2300,000

Suggestions for new schedules

  • What is the impact of using more prefab work?

    500-600 Days

    $150,000 - 170,000

  • How will changing production rates affect our schedule?

    640-780 Days

    $100,000 - 150,000

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