Resource Management

ALICE offers intelligent construction resource management so you always make the best of your available labor, material, and equipment.

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Allocate construction resources efficiently

ALICE automates resource allocation and utilization, helping you to maximize labor, equipment, and other project resources required

+   What is the ideal number of concrete pumps?

+   Are two cranes better than one?

+   What's the ideal crew mix for your project?

+   How do you minimize idle time?


Allocate resources efficiently on construction projects with ALICE
Material Consumption


Increase profit margins

Organize your data on one platform, designed to streamline construction resource management. Efficient allocation of resources saves you time, money, and materials - reducing waste, and improving project outcomes

+    Track materials usage and improve waste management

+    Effectively coordinate labor and improve workforce efficiency

+    Improve construction equipment management

+    Optimize timing and resource scheduling



Optimize for success

ALICE's advanced resource utilization graph lets users analyze the build approach to determine which sequence of activities makes for the most efficient use of construction resources.

Equipment Utilization

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"ALICE definitely brings a lot of advantages to the construction industry - and to our project in particular - by allowing us to be more efficient and utilize the few resources that we have in a very efficient way."

Elie Homsi, Senior Vice President

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