Optimize road and highway construction with generative construction technology

Owners and contractors building highways and roads use ALICE to bid and win more profitable projects, reduce risk, and quickly quantify the impact of different scenarios.

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ALICE is purpose-built for heavy highway and civil contractors building roads, freeways, bridges, viaducts, and more.

Submit bids with confidence + win the work you want

Use ALICE to explore a variety of construction options and create detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to pursue and win projects profitably.

Increase profitability + grow margins

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to identify the cost and time impact of your business resource decisions, for example:

What if my excavation crews work 2 hours overtime per day?

Use ALICE as a generative risk mitigation tool

Use ALICE to protect your project by simulating the cost and time impact of various project risks while also automatically generating corrective schedules to mitigate delays.



Interstate highway contractor generates $25M+ in savings with ALICE


The GC used ALICE to challenge its existing construction schedules and to look for opportunities to recover time that had been lost to project delays.

By challenging its schedules with ALICE and resequencing its plan, the GC was not only able to recover time lost, but also to finish the project ahead of schedule.

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Construction Executive, ENR Top 25 Contractor - North America

"We were able to get many variable scenarios that we could analyze. In the end, ALICE became a much more efficient tool for us to use than traditional solutions."

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