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Construction optioneering for infrastructure projects

Whether you are working on a highway project, a tunnel, subway or a railway project, use ALICE to reduce your risks and cut project duration and costs.

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Your secret weapon for complex, high-value infrastructure projects.
Your projects will deliver value sooner thanks to ALICE.

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Solve your project's most complex constraints

Through construction optioneering, simulate your most elaborate project challenges and restrictions to ensure that all parameters are accounted for in your plan and quickly incorporate changes in your estimates. You’ll be confident that you’ve modeled for all contingencies.

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Optimize key project resources

Use ALICE to determine the exact amount of equipment and material you'll need, the size of your crews, and the optimal sequence for the work

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Quantify the impact of your decisions

Model the impact of your choices. For example, what if you close two lanes of highway traffic vs. a single lane during construction? With ALICE, you'll know exactly how this decision would affect your time and costs.

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ALICE is purpose-built for capital infrastructure projects

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    Cost and availability of labor, equipment and material; adverse weather conditions – these are some of the many variables that ALICE includes in its calculations as it drives to create the optimal construction schedule for a major bridge.

Andy Irwin_SCS_
Andrew Irwin, Construction Manager, Costain Group

"The savings of both time and money that we’ve identified with this initial work on SCS East has been significant, and we’re now looking forward to expanding our use of ALICE to other portions of the project."

Optimize every phase with ALICE

ALICE gives you new planning and construction super powers

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