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Accelerate the development of your wind farm with generative construction technology

With ALICE, owners and EPC contractors can harness the power of optioneering to drive construction efficiency and accelerate the project delivery of wind farm projects.

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Accelerate project timeline, achieve cost efficiencies, and mitigate risks with ALICE

ALICE is your project timeline accelerator, helping you achieve cost efficiencies and minimize risks. By simulating the effects of delays, including those caused by procurement issues, ALICE rapidly develops alternative sequences to bring projects back on track. With ALICE, owners and contractors can optimize construction schedules to prioritize project delivery + energization.

Explore numerous ways to build before you break ground

Use ALICE to explore a variety of construction options and create detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to pursue and win projects profitably.

Put renewable energy on the fast track with ALICE

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to learn the cost and time impact of scenarios, plan ahead for supply chain constraints and identify opportunities to optimize the critical path.

Use ALICE as a generative risk mitigation tool

Use ALICE to protect your project by simulating the cost and time impact of various project risks while also automatically generating corrective schedules to mitigate delays.



Optimizing the construction of a solar farm: ALICE's role in minimizing delays and maximizing resource utilization


A solar farm project faced a critical challenge - how to avoid a potential schedule delay and optimize the work front density. 

The team leveraged ALICE to simulate, analyze, and compare various aspects, including cost, time, and construction methods.

Through ALICE, the project not only recouped a potential 45-day delay from the original P6 schedule but also accelerated it by an impressive 23 days beyond the baseline leading to substantial financial gains eventually, bringing the project to market earlier.

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René Morkos - 4
René Morkos, Ph.D., Founder and CEO

"ALICE can help schedulers to factor variable weather into project plans. By adding in a variety of weather outcomes as potential impacts, project teams can test different scenarios in ALICE and see how they will influence project delivery."

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How generative technology speeds up project delivery

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Overview: ALICE for wind farm construction

Read how you can bring wind and solar energy project initiatives to market faster with ALICE.

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Webinar: Optimizing project resources with ALICE

We demonstrate resource optimization use cases on three types of projects - commercial, infrastructure, and renewable energy.

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ALICE guided demo

Interactive product tour of the ALICE platform

Take this interactive product tour of ALICE to explore the platform's different features.



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