Construction Optioneering

Explore numerous potential ways to build your project – before you ever break ground. With ALICE, you will reduce risk as you plan, bid and win more profitable projects.

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Million ways to build a construction project


The world's only construction simulator

Construction Optioneering transforms the complex interdependencies of building and development into an algorithmic equation analyzing all possible solutions.

Whether in the bidding, planning or execution phases, ALICE generates the most optimal sequences and allocation of resources - making it easy to choose the best path forward for your project goals.


Model new scenarios on the fly

Quickly and efficiently adjust to changing conditions, and leverage current data to make accurate, well-informed projections - so you can move forward with confidence:

+    Conceptualize, test, and evaluate alternatives

+    Easily update project plans to reflect current conditions

Model new scenarios on the fly
Value of construction optioneering


Reveal the best path forward

Construction Optioneering unlocks value on even the most challenging and complex situations - revealing the ideal pathway for achieving project outcomes.

+    Set goals, solve constraints

+    Save time, labor, materials, and resources

+    Maintain a competitive advantage

Seeing is believing. Experience the advantages of Construction Optioneering with ALICE

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"ALICE has enabled us to spend time on optimizing rather than data entry. By exploring millions of possible sequencing options ALICE is dramatically changing how we plan and execute our projects."

Elie HomsiSenior Vice President

ALICE works with the world's leading contractors to solve their most pressing construction challenges

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