Explore numerous potential ways to build your project – before you ever break ground. With ALICE, you will reduce risk as you plan, bid and win more profitable projects.

Deliver better results with the world’s first construction optioneering platform.

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Metrics that matter

See how ALICE helps the largest GCs and owners increase their project margins and mitigate risks.

Reduction in project duration
Labor cost savings
Equipment cost savings


Plan faster and smarter

Upload a 3D model to ALICE and quickly create a buildable 4D schedule. No BIM model? No problem. ALICE also works with simple block diagrams.

Add transparency to your planning process by connecting your design with your schedule and estimates to visualize all aspects of your construction project.

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Explore alternatives in minutes

Why settle for a single solution when you can explore thousands?

Through construction optioneering, ALICE will help you to create and evaluate numerous potential solutions based on your project’s objectives and identify the best path forward.

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Recover from project delays

No need to spend weeks modifying your schedule when circumstances change.

With resequencing in ALICE, you can update your plan and schedule in a few clicks and instantly get your project back on track.


From feasibility studies and production planning to scheduling, ALICE enables you to quantify the impact of different scenarios, helping you to make informed decisions and get to the best plan. ALICE will help you to reduce both your time and cost per decision, so you'll make key choices more efficiently.

ALICE gives you new planning super powers

Construction Optioneering

Transform the complex construction interdependencies into an algorithmic equation that analyzes all possible solutions.

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Intelligent Sequencing

ALICE's generative construction software outperforms traditional techniques by leveraging AI to solve complex constraints and intelligently sequence activities.

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Project Analytics + Reporting

ALICE offers advanced data analytics for construction - designed to track the information that matters most to your team.

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Construction Risk Assessment

Quickly model various types of project constraints & de-risk your project before you ever break ground.

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Resource Management

Maximize labor, equipment, and other project resources as you need with ALICE's AI-powered what-if tool

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Constraint modeling

Simulate complex challenges, account for all parameters, quickly incorporate changes, align breakdown structures, and manage resources in one place.

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"ALICE has enabled us to spend time on optimizing rather than data entry. By exploring millions of possible sequencing options, ALICE is dramatically changing how we plan and execute our projects."

Chris Baze Senior BIM Manager, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

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See ALICE in action.

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