Explore numerous potential ways to build your project – before you ever break ground. With ALICE, you will reduce risk as you plan, bid and win more profitable projects.

Deliver better results with the world’s first construction optioneering platform.

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Metrics that matter

See how ALICE helps the largest GCs and owners increase their project margins and mitigate risks.

Reduction in project duration
Labor cost savings
Equipment cost savings
Group 2 Cost $1000 Plot / Hide Solutions 4 Scenarios Time in Calendar Days Base parameters Explore Senarios Compare Solutions + What If What if I buy more formwork? What if my excavation crew works 2 hours… What if I add an extra crane to the project? Analyze Solution What if my excavation crew works 2 hours overtime per day? 352 Working days 492 Calendar days $43,233,481 Recipe for Concrete Columns Connect Task Auto Layout + Create Task Install Rebar Set Up Forms Strip Forms Previous Elements Next Elements FS 0 FS 0 FS 0 FS 0 FS 0 Pour Concrete C_Carpenter Crew 8.00 hrs 1-2 1 2 Avg Crew Utilization 42% Avail. Days Worked 100% Analyze Solution Export 4D Start Time: 19th April 2021 Project Cost Distribution 2510 Days $166,967,834.99 End Time: 3rd March 2028 88% 4% 8% Calendar Days: 2511 Working Days: 1396 50m 0m 15-Apr-22 14-Nov-23 15-Jun-25 15-Jan-27 100m 150m Cost Over Time Labor $7,154,289.59 Equiptment $12,401,580.20 Material $147,411,965.20 Cost Breakdown Direct Cost $151,143,253.92 Direct Labor Cost $3,730,714.56 Direct Equipment Cost $574,160.00 Idle Cost $3,435,402.45 Idle Labor Cost $3,423,575.03 Idle Equipment Cost $11,827,420.20

Simulate multiple construction strategies in minutes

With ALICE, you can explore multiple construction options to help you reduce your costs and build faster. Optimize key project resources like labor, equipment, and materials. And because ALICE is parametric, any changes you make flow immediately throughout your schedule.

Preconstruction dashboard exploring different scenarios

Digitize your construction methods

ALICE Recipes contain the construction tasks that guide your project plan. Use them to digitize your company's unique methods and transfer key learnings from project to project so you never have to start planning from scratch or create schedules manually. 

Flowchart of recipe for Concrete Columns

Bid with confidence

ALICE allows you to model all major contingencies, assess the constructability of
your bid schedule and reduce your risk.

ALICE will become your secret weapon, helping you to develop and evaluate multiple plan options and create the detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to pursue and win profitable business.

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Preconstruction dashboar analyzing costs and solutions

ALICE Preconstruction gives you new planning super powers

icon-calendar What-If analysis

ALICE takes all the constraints and parameters you have defined in your plan and explores a multitude of solutions automatically by dynamically allocating resources and alternating many possible sequences. Change your parameter values to iterate through new scenarios in just a few clicks!

icon-line-chart Selective objectives

We know that project duration and cost are very important objectives for any project. ALICE gives you the ability to control various other levers to manage your project's risk and ensure you are fulfilling all your contract requirements. Guide ALICE to explore solutions optimized for a specific milestone ... or minimized idle time... or minimized resources... and the list goes on.

icon-line-pen P6 export

Are you interested in what's driving your schedule and activity durations? Connect ALICE to P6 with our P6 xml export to leverage your ALICE insights and inform your CPM schedule. Transfer the resource data and allocation as well as calendars and specific drivers for each activity to help you unravel all the layers of your schedule in an informed and transparent way.

icon-donut-chart Recipe library

Build and maintain libraries of your own proprietary means and methods of construction (Recipes) connected with your own resources, production rates, equipment and materials. Learn, improve and transfer your Recipes between projects to boost your efficiency!

icon-share 4D schedule & analytics

Every dot in the ALICE universe isn't just a Gantt chart. It's so much more. The ALICE output includes a 4D schedule with activity details as well as KPIs, resource curves, cost over time and other cost calculations. Export the ALICE output to connect to other platforms for further analysis or customization. Generate insights and inform your decisions.

icon-git-branch Constraint modeling

Simulate your most elaborate project challenges and restrictions to ensure that all parameters are accounted for in your plan and quickly incorporate changes in your estimates. Align your breakdown structures, set up your resource pool with production rates and quantities ... all in one place.

Hawaiian-Dredging Copy

"ALICE has enabled us to spend time on optimizing rather than data entry. By exploring millions of possible sequencing options, ALICE is dramatically changing how we plan and execute our projects."

Chris Baze Senior BIM Manager, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

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