Construction Risk Assessment

Complexity and interdependence demand proper sequencing, scheduling, and coordinating with the delivery of materials and equipment. With ALICE, quickly model constraints and de-risk your project before you ever break ground.

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Minimize your risk exposure

Our features were designed from the ground up to help you identify risks and reduce your exposure to conflicts and potential hazards. Owners and contractors use ALICE to:

+    Simulate project constraints

+    Reveal potential risks

+    Optimize alternative build sequences + schedules

Manage risk
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Turn risks into opportunity

When inevitable changes occur, use ALICE's powerful optioneering engine to identify the best path forward and make informed decisions.

+    Analyze current progress in the moment

+    Assess new data against project constraints

+    Explore alternatives for mitigating risk exposure

+    Optimize plans to meet onsite conditions

+    Schedule around delays or unexpected changes


Managing risk in construction projects is difficult - but ALICE makes it easier

Effective construction risk assessment is critical to project success. ALICE helps you to reduce your financial exposure to damages triggered by scheduling conflicts and project overruns, and to choose the ideal approach to unforeseen issues.

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"We used ALICE to mitigate risk on the project and have a competitive bid that allowed us to win the job."

Elie Homsi, Senior Vice President

ALICE works with the world's leading contractors to solve their most pressing construction challenges

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