ALICE for Sustainability

Our Approach

At ALICE, our vision is to reduce the cost of construction by 25% globally. And construction costs, waste and emissions are closely intertwined. According to the World Bank, approximately 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from infrastructure construction and operations such as power plants, buildings, and transport. We therefore believe that in pursuing our mission, we can help companies to thrive economically while simultaneously improving the health of the planet. 

How can ALICE help?

The ALICE platform is designed to optimize capital projects and the challenges associated with their construction, using a variety of constraints to guide solutions. Add sustainability-related constraints as you set up your project in ALICE and our platform can use these constraints to create ideal construction plans for you.

Can you give me some examples?

A general contractor might want to reduce carbon emissions from the trucks it uses to deliver materials to a job site. Using ALICE, the contractor can optimize for the minimal number of trips required to deliver those materials. In doing so, the contractor would not only reduce its carbon output, it would also reduce fuel costs. On top of that, ALICE can optimize a contractor’s equipment utilization rate so as to minimize the amount of time that heavy equipment sits unused during a project. This in turn allows contractors to reassign heavy equipment to other projects that need them, instead of purchasing more machinery that will sit idle.


In another example, a contractor might want to reduce its timber usage for a project it is developing. To do that, the contractor could use ALICE to optimize for minimal formwork (concrete formwork is traditionally made from lumber). Using less timber would not only be good for the environment, it would reduce lumber costs.

Infographic: Optimizing the construction industry can have a massive positive impact on sustainability
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