Optimize tunnel construction with generative construction technology

Tunneling owners and contractors use ALICE to create an optimal construction sequence and resource allocation plan to maximize productivity for timely and cost-effective project delivery.

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ALICE is purpose-built for owners and heavy civil contractors building tunnels to help maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and improve project duration

Optioneer before you break ground

Use ALICE to explore and simulate a variety of construction options such as factoring soil removal, simulating the multiple tunnel boring machines (TBM) machines to determine the optimal number of TBMs and sequence of activities and more.

Optimize productivity + grow margins

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to identify the cost and time impact of your decisions, for example:

What if we resequence the mucking crew?

How can we enable an earlier construction start on the second access point?

Use ALICE as a generative risk mitigation tool

Model different risk scenarios in ALICE and gain insight into how they could potentially affect the project timeline. ALICE automatically generates risk-mitigated schedules to help you develop robust contingency plans.



SCS JV leverages ALICE to drive £2M savings on the London tunnels of the UK's High Speed 2 railway

CUSTOMER: Skanska Costain and STRABAG JV

Three major European general contractors – Skanska, Costain, and STRABAG – formed a joint venture, SCS JV, to optimize the construction of the London tunnels of HS2, a national high-speed railway linking London, Birmingham, and the north of the country.

The SCS JV wanted to use ALICE to find efficient sequencing options to enable an earlier construction start. Through “what-if” analysis with ALICE, the SCS JV team was able to identify a number of ways to resequence and improve the build time for the pre-shaft sinking activities.

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Andy Irwin_SCS_
Andrew Irwin, Construction Manager, Costain Group

“The savings of both time and money that we’ve identified with this initial work on SCS East has been significant, and we’re now looking forward to expanding our use of ALICE to other portions of the project.”

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