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Build data centers faster with construction optioneering

Reduce risk, delays and cost overruns by optimizing the preconstruction planning and construction of your data center project with ALICE.

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Accelerate mission critical data center construction + improve speed-to-market with our generative construction technology platform, ALICE.

Explore numerous ways to build before you break ground

Use ALICE to explore a variety of construction options and create detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to pursue and win profitable projects.

Cut your data center speed-to-market with AI

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to learn the cost and time impact of scenarios, plan ahead for supply chain constraints and identify opportunities to optimize the critical path.

Reduce project risk

Use ALICE to optimize project delivery by creating an optimal schedule and resource allocation, while also automatically generating corrective schedules to mitigate delays.

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Building data centers faster with generative construction technology

This whitepaper explores how construction optioneering can optimize decision-making, reduce project timelines, and enhance efficiency in data center development.

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Confidential, VP of Construction, Global Semiconductor Manufacturer

"Through optioneering with ALICE, we brought our new manufacturing facility to market three weeks early. The product paid for itself many times over with just a single project."

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ALICE gives you new planning and construction super powers

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