Projects best suited for ALICE

ALICE is best suited for use on capital projects with construction values of $50M or greater. With projects of this scale, ALICE can yield a substantial ROI through the insights it delivers, starting in the bidding and preconstruction phases and continuing into project execution.


1. Bidding

With ALICE, general contractors have the opportunity to create a variety of scheduling options as they work on their bids, and to explore different scheduling options through the platform's “what if” analysis capabilities. Through this analysis, GCs can achieve a new level of confidence that the bids they submit are profitable and achievable while minimizing the risk of cost variance.

In a recent example, the City of Edmonton, Canada, planned to expand its public transportation system by constructing the Valley Line West light rail extension. Parsons used ALICE to help it develop a competitive construction schedule in its bid for the work on this $2.6B project, and won the bid.

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2. Preconstruction

ALICE is also an excellent fit for the pre-construction phase of a project. With the ALICE construction optioneering platform, GCs and owners can explore different ways to build based on their construction constraints and zero in on a construction plan that helps them to best achieve their business goals within those constraints.

In a recent commercial project, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Corporation used ALICE to help it build a senior housing project in downtown Honolulu. Given the urban location, HDCC had tight space constraints and also had to manage how it deployed resources to minimize the impact on city traffic.

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"ALICE has enabled us to spend time on optimizing rather than data entry. By exploring millions of possible sequencing options, ALICE is dramatically changing how we plan and execute our projects."

Ifan Williams, Senior Projects Control Scheduling Manager

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