Stop scheduling. Start optimizing.

Use the power of AI to create construction schedules that reduce risk while cutting costs by 11% and build time by 17%. With ALICE, develop the ideal schedule during preconstruction -- or recover projects that are off schedule and over budget.

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ALIGN JV and HS2 project UK

ALICE works with the world's leading contractors to solve their most pressing construction challenges

Submit bids with confidence

For contractors pursuing design/build or alternative delivery projects, ALICE is your secret weapon, helping you to create the detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to pursue and win profitable business.

Make data-driven decisions

From feasibility studies and production planning to scheduling, ALICE enables you to quantify the impact of different scenarios, helping you to make informed decisions and get to the best plan.

Deliver your project faster and cheaper

During preconstruction, use ALICE to analyze options and create your optimal project schedule and resource mix. You’ll know that you’ve modeled for all contingencies. And if your project falls behind during construction? ALICE can help you to mitigate delays by generating corrective schedules automatically.

Metrics that matter

See how ALICE helps the largest GCs and owners increase their project margins and mitigate risks.

Reduction in project duration
Labor cost savings
Equipment cost savings
Artboard Analyze Solution What if I add an extra crane? $41,158,881 531 Working days Analyze Solution What if my excavation crew works 2 hours overtime per day? $39,573,531 373 Working days Duation: -32 Days What if I add an extra crane? Cost: +$53m What if my excavation crew works 2 hours overtime per day? Crew Utilization 65%

Plan faster and smarter

Upload a 3D model to ALICE and quickly create a buildable 4D schedule. No BIM model? 
No problem. ALICE also works with simple 
block diagrams.

Add transparency to your planning process by connecting your design with your schedule and estimates to visualize all aspects of your construction project.

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Explore alternatives in minutes

Why settle for a single solution when you can explore thousands? ALICE will find the best solutions based on your project's objectives and present you with options that uncover lurking project inefficiencies.

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Recover from project delays

No need to spend weeks modifying your schedule when circumstances change. With resequencing in ALICE, you can update your plan and schedule in a few clicks and instantly get your project back on track.

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See ALICE in action.

Take a custom tour of ALICE and learn why the world's top GCs 
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