Drive your projects faster and more efficiently with ALICE

Whether you develop large-scale commercial projects or infrastructure projects, ensure their success with our industry-leading construction optioneering platform.

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building-4-line Get the most from your GC

Use ALICE to evaluate bids and ensure that your GC or construction team is using resources most efficiently. You'll get the best possible pricing and an optimal schedule.

exchange-dollar-orange Assess constructibility and cost impact of design changes

Run scenarios with ALICE in minutes to determine the effect on schedule and costs of potential changes to your build plan. Don't just take your GC's word for granted.

funds-line-orange Make better, actionable financial projections

Use ALICE to develop more accurate forecasts of project costs and timing, mitigate risks, and control your cash flow.

"Before ALICE, things were fundamentally different. We had only one plan and no conversation with the contractor. ALICE allows us to discuss important questions and multiple scenarios with the contractor."

Thanit Thanadirek, Assistant Manager

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Cypress-Equity-Investments Ananda Sansiri

Whether you develop large-scale commercial projects or are responsible for public sector projects, ensure their success with our industry-leading construction simulation and optimization platform.

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Ananda Uses ALICE to Slash High-Rise Construction Costs by 32%

Using ALICE and the power of its computational AI, Ananda experimented with a number of variables and was able to decrease the duration of its project by 208 day.

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Developer Tests Cost Impact of Quick-Set vs. Standard Concrete with ALICE.

A developer determined that it would be able to complete its project 50 days faster using quick-set concrete, decreasing total build time from 176 days to 126 days.

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Metrics that matter

See how ALICE can help private and public-sector owners mitigate risks.

Reduction in project duration
Labor cost savings
Equipment cost savings

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