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Construction optioneering for mega projects

Determine which projects are most worth pursuing, and through construction optioneering, explore options to find your optimal construction path. Maximize your margins, reduce risks, and crush your schedule.

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Foresee potential problems and develop solutions to work around them.
Grow margins across your projects with ALICE.

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Win the work you want

Pursuing design/build or alternative delivery projects? Use ALICE to create the detailed, resource-loaded plans you need to win.

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Increase profitability + grow margins

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to increase total profitability and grow margins across your projects

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Deliver your project cheaper and with less risk

Use ALICE to create your optimal project schedule and resource mix. Mitigate delays by using ALICE to generate corrective schedules automatically and get your project back on track.

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ALICE is purpose built for large capital commercial projects

  • Dubai downtown skyline

    Can the project timeline be expedited by employing three cranes instead of two, and if so, what would be the associated costs? What if the framing team worked overtime on Sundays for a month? These scenarios and more exemplify the range of considerations that a contractor, owner or consultant might investigate to achieve an optimal construction schedule.

Dubai downtown skyline
Wes Asao_HDCC
Wes Asao, Senior Project Manager, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

“ALICE helped us in the planning of the facade where we looked at different ways of how we're going to attack and put up the facade in a 20-story building that's tight with the adjacent buildings.”

Optimize every phase with ALICE

ALICE gives you new planning and construction super powers

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