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Construction optioneering for capital projects

Determine which projects are most worth pursuing, and through construction optioneering, explore options to find your optimal construction path. With ALICE, you'll maximize your margins, reduce risks, and crush your schedule.

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Whether you're working on an office tower or an airport, use ALICE to optimize your resources and cut project duration and costs.



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Pursuing design/build or alternative delivery projects? Use ALICE to create the detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to win.

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Make data-driven decisions

From feasibility studies and production planning to scheduling, ALICE enables you to quantify the impact of different scenarios, helping you to make informed decisions and get to the best plan. ALICE will help you to reduce both your time and cost per decision, so you'll make key choices more efficiently.

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Increase efficiency + minimize risk

Leverage ALICE to develop an optimal project schedule and resource allocation, resulting in cost-effective project delivery. Mitigate delays by using ALICE to generate corrective schedules automatically and get your project back on track.

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ALICE is purpose built for large, capital construction projects

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    From high-rises to technology parks and multi-use buildings spread over sprawling acres, ALICE can optimize construction planning, sequencing and scheduling on your project.

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Field Engineer, ENR Top 400 GC

“With ALICE, we saved millions of dollars in costs on our production schedule by reducing crew utilization by 10%.”

Optimize every phase with ALICE

ALICE gives you new planning and construction super powers

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