Oil and gas refinery


Minimize delays and cost overruns on oil + gas projects with ALICE

Owners, contractors, and consultants use ALICE from the early stages of an and oil and gas project -- including pre-FEED and FEED -- all the way to commissioning and shutdown on various oil + gas projects.

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ALICE is purpose-built for capital engineering and construction projects, such as processing plants, refineries, storage terminals, pipelines, and more.

Submit bids with confidence

Use ALICE to explore a variety of construction options and create detailed, resource-loaded schedules you need to pursue and win profitable projects.

Optimize scheduling with AI

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to identify the cost and time impact of your business resource decisions, for example:

"What if I increase my remote site's bed capacity by 45?"

Generative risk mitigation

ALICE allows for rapid modeling and simulation of various risk scenarios to determine their impact on the schedule and develop robust contingency plans.



Optimizing the construction of oil and gas facilities with generative technology

This whitepaper explores the use of generative construction technology in the design, planning and construction of oil and gas facilities. 

This transformative approach harnesses the power of advanced algorithms and computational capabilities to generate design solutions that are not just efficient but also optimized to meet the intricate demands of oil and gas infrastructure.


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