Construction planning, scheduling, & management

ALICE leverages AI to speed up the planning process, reduce project schedules, and resolve schedule delays.

ALICE has enabled us to see opportunities for what’s possible with key tasks and core business processes so we can deliver the best possible plan for our customers. Combined with our building expertise, ALICE provides the capability to evaluate millions of scheduling options that would take humans exponentially longer to accomplish.

Ricardo Khan, Sr. Director of Innovation, Mortenson Construction

Unleash your inner construction management superhero.

ALICE leverages the construction knowledge of your project team to explore millions of scheduling possibilities and find an optimized schedule in just minutes.

Customers using ALICE see an average savings of:

16.2% of project schedule
Reduce project duration and project costs with an efficient ALICE schedules.
14.7% of project budget
ALICE works in
three easy steps.

Whether you are pre-bid, bidding, or in the middle of construction, the ALICE process is always simple.

Your team collaborates and enters their construction knowledge into ALICE.

ALICE evaluates millions of scheduling options to give your team dozens of schedules optimized across time and cost.

Update your schedule with 'Actuals' as it progresses, and reschedule in minutes when issues & opportunities arise.

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From owners to contractors,
ALICE can help.

ALICE allows you to better understand your construction schedule so you can bid more aggressively, win more bids, and amaze your customers throughout the construction process.

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ALICE gives you insight into what an optimal schedule looks like on your project to help your project finish faster and get operational sooner.

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