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As the pioneers of next-generation construction optioneering software, our goal is to partner with leading consulting firms to improve how projects are planned and delivered.

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We’re searching for innovative partners in North America and the EMEA region who are passionate about planning and delivering capital projects more efficiently and with the lowest risk. Learn how partnering with ALICE can bring substantial advantages to your firm.

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Partnering with ALICE

ALICE works closely with a select group of consulting firms that partner with clients that build capital projects These clients work on projects ranging from tunnels to power plants to manufacturing facilities. The firms use the ALICE construction optioneering platform to create and evaluate different potential construction schedules to maximize efficiency.

ALICE offers a tiered partner program that is based on a firm’s commitment to learning the software plus the volume of business generated.

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See what ALICE's construction optioneering platform can do for your clients' capital projects

McKinsey & Company, the global management consulting company, is introducing clients of the firm’s Operations practice to the concept of generative construction scheduling, as pioneered by ALICE Technologies. Read more →

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