Construction optioneering for industrial projects

We work with owners, EPC contractors, and consultants, starting from the early stages of a project  -- including pre-FEED and FEED -- all the way to commissioning and shutdown, to mitigate risks and maximize ROI through optioneering.

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Foresee potential problems and develop solutions to work around them.
Your projects will deliver value sooner thanks to ALICE.

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Accelerate critical asset development

Whether you are building a semiconductor fab, a data center, or an oil and gas facility, the sooner you go online, the sooner you are producing value. ALICE will get you to market faster.

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Increase profitability + grow margins

Optioneer execution strategies in ALICE to identify the cost and time impact of your business resource decisions, for example:

  • How do I allocate my resources to accomplish my project goals in the most efficient way possible?
  • How do I maximize my cash flow?
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Reduce risk through optioneering

ALICE’s procurement capabilities can model the impact of delays and suggest alternative sequences to get projects back on track.

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ALICE is purpose built for light and heavy industrial projects

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    The sooner an owner can bring an oil and gas refinery or pipeline onstream, the sooner it generates revenue. With ALICE, GCs and EPC contractors can use optioneering to run “what if” analyses on different potential ways to build with an aim to make oil and gas facilities productive as soon as possible.

    Read more: ALICE for Oil + Gas projects

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Confidential, VP of Construction, global semiconductor manufacturer

"Through optioneering with ALICE, we brought our new fab to market three weeks early. The product paid for itself many times over with just a single project."

Optimize every phase with ALICE

ALICE gives you new planning and construction super powers

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