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Take full control over the variables that ALICE Pro prioritizes to optimize your schedule. Choose between project completion date, minimizing number of crews, optimizing precedence logic over resource logic and more.

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Reveal the best path forward, no matter your constraints or priorities

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Your schedule, your way

Every project has different business objectives and constraints to work with. With ALICE Pro, you’ll always generate the best solutions, whether you need to get to market as quickly as possible or complete a milestone by a certain date while minimizing access to certain crews which are constrained.


Fine tune schedule optimization

ALICE Pro helps you optimize your schedules against various variables over which you have complete control:

  • Duration: Search for solutions with the shortest duration (compress end)
  • Resource Usage: Search for solutions with the lowest peak resource requirement for all or specific crews/equipment
  • Idle Time/Cost (Resource Allocation): Search for solutions with the least down time for all or specific crews/equipment
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Value of construction optioneering


Compare scenarios in minutes

Model numerous potential scenarios and devise a construction plan that reduces uncertainty. It’s as if you could build your project virtually dozens of times before ever breaking ground.

Seeing is believing.

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"ALICE has enabled us to spend time on optimizing rather than data entry. By exploring millions of possible sequencing options ALICE is dramatically changing how we plan and execute our projects."

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ALICE works with the world's leading contractors to solve their most pressing construction challenges

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