Turn your BIM into resource-loaded
4D construction schedules in hours.

Introducing ALICE — Artificial Intelligence that fully understands construction.

Learn How ALICE Works

A smarter way to schedule.

There are millions of ways to build a construction project, but traditional scheduling takes months and leaves you with only two or three options per project.

Introducing ArtificiaL Intelligence Construction Engineering, or ALICE for short.

ALICE uses artificial intelligence to help you generate and explore millions of fully resource-loaded 4D construction schedules in a little as a day — using just a 3D model.

Use your construction know-how to teach ALICE simple rules for how your projects should be built. Try a new sequence, double the crews available, increase material cost, or add cranes — in the middle of construction, or before you ever place a bid. Because ALICE is parametric, you can answer these "What if?" scenarios and completely reschedule in minutes instead of months.

ALICE means construction scheduling using a 3D BIM – no more scheduling using sticky notes and copy/pasting gantt tasks.
Work directly with your 3D Bim file in ALICE to schedule your construction.

AI + Your Intelligence

AI schedules are highly optimized and save our clients up to 33% of overall construction time and cost.

Construction changes over time, and leaders in the construction industry rely on ALICE to help them quickly discover, refresh, and compare optimal approaches for each project and portfolio based on their goals.

ALICE is for project owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, construction insurance professionals, consultants, and more. Start making better decisions, faster – using ALICE.


The ALICE Advantage

More Schedule Options

ALICE's artificial intelligence scheduling engine looks at millions of ways to build your project and assists you in finding the best schedule to fit your needs for Time & Cost.

Win More Bids

Place your bids with optimized, resource-loaded 4D schedules already in hand.

Save up to 33% on total project cost and duration using schedules optimized with artificial intelligence.

Reschedule In Minutes

Explore "What if?" scenarios, crew mixes, and more & reschedule in 10 minutes.

Faster, safer construction means more projects per year & faster time to market.

Standardize Your Methods

Compile a 'Cookbook' of Recipes – an easy-to-use knowledge-base of your best construction methods.

Apply and improve your Recipes in seconds and make scheduling future projects even faster.

Collaborate In The Cloud

Collaborate seamlessly in the cloud. Owners, GCs, Architects, Consultants, Subs, and more — easily view and work on your projects together from anywhere.

Gain New Insights

Dive deep with robust filtering & 4D analytics — including direct and in-direct cost-breakdowns, idle calculations, daily tasks, and much more.

ALICE has four
major breakthroughs


Schedule visually using your 3D models – in the cloud.

Standardized Methods

Create & re-use 'Recipes' from proven construction methods.

Schedule Parameters

Create "What-if?" scenarios & reschedule in minutes.

AI Engine

Press a button to generate optimized schedules in minutes.

See ALICE In Action

On this small piece of a project, ALICE generated a schedule which
reduced the total project duration by 26% or 40 working days.

Construction scheduling and construction planning made simple with ALICE.

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