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save in millions.

Introducing ALICE — the World's first Artificial Intelligence parametric construction planner.

Learn How ALICE Works

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A Smarter Way To Schedule

There are millions of ways to build a construction project, but classical scheduling only leaves you with two or three options per project... if you're lucky.

Introducing ArtificiaL Intelligence Construction Engineering, or ALICE for short.

ALICE allows you to generate & explore millions of buildable construction schedules at the push of a button, and helps quickly guide you to the best schedules for your needs.

Use your construction knowledge to teach ALICE rules for how your projects should be built. When you need to update a scheduling parameter — like the number of crews available, or add cranes — or even do a complete reschedule, it takes minutes instead of months. Because rescheduling in ALICE is as easy as backspacing a 1 and entering a 2.

ALICE means construction scheduling using a 3D BIM – no more scheduling using sticky notes and copy/pasting gantt tasks.
Work directly with your 3D Bim file in ALICE to schedule your construction.

Extremely Fast & Flexible

ALICE schedules are highly optimized — saving our clients up to 33% of overall time and cost.

As construction changes over time, leaders in the construction industry rely on ALICE to help them quickly discover, refresh, and compare optimal approaches for each project and portfolio based on their specific goals.

Whether you are a project owner, general contractor, sub-contractor, construction insurance professional, or consultant, help your organization make better decisions, faster – using ALICE.

Introducing ALICE


The World's first Artificial Intelligence parametric construction planner.

More Options To Build

Our artificial intelligence scheduling engine looks at millions of ways to build your project and guides you to the best schedule to fit your needs for Time & Cost.

Win More Bids

Save up to 33% on total project duration using ALICE optimized schedules.

Go from 3D BIM to optimized schedules in as little as one day.

Reschedule In Minutes

Explore scenarios and crew mixes & reschedule in just minutes.

Faster, safer construction means more projects per year & faster time to market.

Standardize Your Methods

Build your 'cookbook' of recipes — a library of construction methods standardized across your organization.

Apply and refine your recipes in seconds to make future projects even faster.

Seamless Collaboration

From Owner to General Contractor to Sub-Contractors — easily view and work on your construction projects together from anywhere.

Uncover Hidden Bottlenecks

See your schedules in a whole new light with powerful 4D + Gantt tools and our Construction Timeline.

Gain deeper insights with robust filtering & analytics — including weekly crew assignments and daily tasks.


Breakthrough Innovations

ALICE features four major breakthroughs.


Upload your 3D model to create an ALICE project.


Create 'Recipes' from your proven construction methods.


Explore parameters, crew mixes & building options in minutes.


Press a button to quickly generate highly optimized schedules.

See ALICE In Action


This simple schedule was generated using ALICE &
decreased the total project duration by 26% or 40 working days.

Construction scheduling and construction planning made simple with ALICE.

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