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ArtificiaL Intelligence Construction Engineering

The ALICE construction simulation and optimization platform

ALICE combines the experience of contractors with an AI-powered simulation engine that allows project teams to quickly explore a multitude of different construction plans.

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Analyze your schedules

A Playbook for Planning

ALICE Recipes contain the construction tasks that guide your project plan. Use them to digitize your company's unique methods and scope and transfer key learnings from project to project so you never have to start planning from scratch.
  • Capture the set of constraints that govern your project
  • Document your firm's construction costs and production rates
  • Digitize your firm's building methods and share best practices across projects
  • Eliminates the need for creating manual schedules
Prepare recipe

Data Driven Pursuits and Preconstruction


Simulate multiple construction strategies in minutes


Select, review and compare dozens of schedule options


Visually step-through your plan and daily activities


Track and optimize the utilization of key project resources

Win Your Next Pursuit

Don’t start from scratch

Don’t start from scratch

Re-usable recipes help you quickly create new bid schedules

Find the best way to build

Find the best way to build

Simulate many different plans with ALICE to find the best plan given your client’s needs

Show, don’t tell

Show, don’t tell

Demonstrate to your client you’ve explored many different strategies for their project, and easily justify the one you’ve chosen with visual, 4D schedules

Intelligence Preconstruction Planning

at every level of development



  • Automatically produce 4D schedules during early stages of planning
  • Explore strategy with clients
  • Onboard new projects quickly
  • Rapidly evaluate the impact your high level design decisions have on your construction plan



  • Analyze cost and schedule impact of design changes
  • Simulate and analyze complicated constraints related to key project resources (labor, equipment, materials)
  • Explore strategies to reduce cost and build faster



  • Virtual Lean Planning
  • Develop accurate estimates on labor requirements
  • Buyout trades with metrics on manpower, durations, and scope
  • Easily Export to P6 and CSV

Case Studies



Project Value

69 Days

ALICE Duration Savings


Use ALICE to identify and validate duration savings against P6 baseline schedule
  • Project: 20km highway including overpasses
  • Two teams worked separately, one working with P6 and one working with ALICE, with results compared at the end
  • After 6 months of meticulous analysis – the ALICE team came out as the clear winner with a more optimized and significantly faster schedule.



Project Value

47 Days

ALICE Duration Savings


Use ALICE to explore crane placement and task sequencing scenarios on complex roof structure
  • ALICE was used to explore optimal sequencing to the complex roof structure of a multi-billion dollar airport in Asia.
  • Construction team used ALICE to explore various crane placements and directions – an analysis that was not possible to do with traditional planning methods.
  • The ALICE sequence optimized crane time and usage, further reducing time and cost of equipment onsite.