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ALICE works with the world's leading contractors to solve their most pressing construction challenges.

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Project Value

69 Days

ALICE Duration Savings


Use ALICE to identify and validate duration savings against P6 baseline schedule
  • Project: 20km highway including overpasses
  • Two teams worked separately, one working with P6 and one working with ALICE, with results compared at the end
  • After 6 months of meticulous analysis – the ALICE team came out as the clear winner with a more optimized and significantly faster schedule.



Project Value

47 Days

ALICE Duration Savings


Use ALICE to explore crane placement and task sequencing scenarios on complex roof structure
  • ALICE was used to explore optimal sequencing to the complex roof structure of a multi-billion dollar airport in Asia.
  • Construction team used ALICE to explore various crane placements and directions – an analysis that was not possible to do with traditional planning methods.
  • The ALICE sequence optimized crane time and usage, further reducing time and cost of equipment onsite.


When every day of construction means lost production, mining companies must focus on delivering capital projects effectively. One of the world's largest mining operations used ALICE to explore strategies for optimizing labor and resource efficiencies for a large crusher relocation project.


Industrial construction requires best-in-class means and methods to successfully execute high-risk projects. ALICE's simulation engine allows Industrial contractors to more accurately plan projects when execution risk is at its highest.

Oil & Gas

Not only are the tools and labour required for executing a turnaround extremely expensive, but the revenue lost through shutting down elements of production can amount to a significant portion of an annual budget. ALICE helps refineries achieve a return to normal processes on time, on budget, with no harm to staff, and with as little unplanned work as possible.

Data Centers

For construction companies building data centers, speed is everything. Stand-out in this fast-growing segment by impressing tech clients with ALICE's first-of-its-kind BIM-based generative simulations to identify strategies for the fastest possible project completion times.